KMT Milky Power

By Pass Feed Pellets

Dairy Bypass Protein is an Animal or Plant-based protein source that Resists degradation in the Cow’s rumen in order to pass into the lower Gastrointestinal tract and provide essential Amino Acids to the cow. By bypassing the rumen, more Metabolizable protein is made available to help the cow meet. It gives Amino Acid requirements for Milk production and Components. The more consistent a bypass protein source easier to balance the Dairy ration for maximum Milk production and Feed efficiency. By feeding high-quality bypass protein, Dairy producers can Increase their Metabolizable protein yield and reduce the amount of Crude protein in the diet. Thus reducing Ammonia Votalization and Nitrogen Excretion.

As protein comes into the rumen, it is broken down into Peptides and then further digested into amino acids. The Amino acids available to ruminal microbes are utilized directly or deaminated to yield Carbon Skeletons and Ammonia.

KMT Cattle Feed products are Plant-based bypass protein supplements designed to deliver an amino acid profile customized for lactating dairy cows. The blend combines Canola meal and Soybean meal, which both contain amino acids that have been shown in University research to stimulate milk production and milk quality. Because the bypass amino acid requirements of dairy cattle are consistently met with KMT Cattle Feed products. Your nutritionist can reduce the amount of crude protein in the diet to maximize the use of Forages and Fermentable Carbohydrates.

  • Improvement in milk production.
  • Better growth in young animals.
  • Helps in increasing net daily income.