Layer Mash Feed

Laying mash is a type of feed specifically for laying hens formulated with nutrients to help them healthily lay more eggs. Compared to scratch feed, which is a grain-based chicken feed, laying mash provides more of the key nutrients used for egg production, such as protein and calcium.

Laying Mash Key Nutrients Laying mash is a grain-based feed with ingredients such as bone, meat scrap and limestone that give hens extra vitamins and minerals. To produce eggs, hens need enough calcium, protein and minerals for their bones and body functions, and then enough excess nutrients to create the eggs. While the average protein in scratch feed is just 10 percent, laying mash is often between 15 and 20 percent protein.

Laying mash has much more nutritional value than scratch feed and the extra nutrition increases the hen's egg production. Using scratch feed will likely decrease egg production because hens wont have enough calcium or protein to reach their laying potential.

  • High weight gain with high meat quality
  • Less feed wastage due to good quality pellets and crumbles.
  • Highly Uniform Particle size, less dust and highly durable. Better digestibility and faster growth subject to good farm management.