Chicken Mash Feed

Laying Mash is a Grain-based feed with ingredients such as Bone, Meat Scrap and Limestone. It gives Hens extra Vitamins and Minerals to produce Eggs. Hens need enough Calcium, Protein, Minerals for their bones & body functions, and Excess Nutrients to create the Eggs. While the average protein in Scratch Feed is just 10 percent but, Laying Mash is often between 15 to 20 percent Protein.

Laying Mash has much more Nutritional value than scratch feed. It's Extra Nutrition increases the Hen's egg production. Using of Scratch Feed will likely decrease egg production because hens wont have enough Calcium or Protein to reach their laying potential.

Laying Mash can be bought Pre-Made from feed mills. Buying Pre-Made feed can ensure you that the mash is a Well-balanced diet for laying hens. However, mixing your own laying mash tends to be cheaper. For 250 pounds of Feed, mix 30 pounds of Soybean meal, 30 pounds of Alfalfa leaf meal into 150 pounds of mixed grains such as Corn, Wheat, Barley or Rye to get a diverse grain and protein mixture. It is to provide hens with Carbohydrates and other Vitamins. Add 30 pounds of Fish meal or Meat scrap to give hens for the extra protein they need. Three and a half pounds of Dicalcium Phosphate will give hens the Calcium and Six pounds of ground Limestone will give hens Minerals. Finally, mix in one and a fourth pounds of salt.

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