About us

We, KMT FEEDS are recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of best quality Cattle Feed.

KMT FEEDS is pioneer in the Animal Feed Industry. It was started in 1985 as an small business by Mr.Thangavel with his hardworking. The Company was started in the 1995 in the name of Navaladi Poultry Farm & Cattle Feeds. Owing 2 lakhs layer birds , we do commercial layer feed to million birds.

KMT FEEDS have joined Venture with many International Companies to produce the more quality products.

  • 100% NATURAL

We are providing Reliable, Traceable, Proven & Quality finished Poultry Feeds. Here, Highest quality raw materials are used to produce the best Poultry Feed in Adequate quantities & Sufficient enough.

Owing to our enormous understanding and knowledge in this field, we are able to focus on the Processing, Preservation and Nutritional elements that go into making better Feed Ultimately and its best food for Cattle. Our objective is to offer best quality feed at affordable prices to our Clients. Contact us today!


To produce and supply high quality Chemical Free Animal Feed to ensure Animal well-being, Customer Satisfaction and Value for Money.


To become a Leader in Production and Distribution of high quality feed for various farms and pet animals.


We are committed to produce Natural, Healthy and High quality Animal Feed. And its to Maintain High Standards of Animal Health, Product quality and Safety.